Metro is a leading international retail and wholesale company with operations spanning over 20 countries and serving millions of customers worldwide.

In partnering with advertising agency Dentsu, the primary goal of Metro’s campaign was to maintain a continuous and engaging presence on the market with relevant exclusive offers on their products.

A key element of the campaign’s success was the use of Somplo’s remote updates in real-time that provided several crucial benefits:

  • All products and offers could be updated instantly, ensuring that the banners always featured the most current promotions;
  • The ability to make swift changes meant that Metro could respond quickly to market trends and consumer behavior, keeping their content relevant.
  • Streamlining the update process reduced the time and resources needed to maintain the campaign, allowing Metro to focus on other strategic initiatives.

For this campaign, it was decided to use an interactive Carousel format that works great to showcase a wide range of products with special offers.

This interactive carousel features multiple slides, allowing users to swipe in various directions to discover more products.

Each slide links to a dedicated landing page, providing the user with detailed information about the specific offer they’ve clicked on, ensuring a seamless and quick shopping experience.

16x more


5x more


*comparing with previous campaigns

*comparing with previous campaigns

The campaign resulted in increased engagement and higher CTR for Metro. The ability to update content in real time ensured that shoppers were always presented with the latest offers, driving both in-store and online traffic.

The Heat Maps show that the right part of the Carousel is the most clicked and interacted area by users which indicates higher activity of swipes to the left.

This always-on rich media campaign exemplifies the power of dynamic digital advertising. By keeping content fresh and relevant, leveraging real-time updates, and utilizing interactive carousels to showcase a wide range of products, Metro has been able to maintain a strong connection with its customers and enhancing the overall shopping experience.



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