Hellmann’s, known for its flagship mayonnaise, offers a diverse condiment range. With consistent quality and effective marketing, it’s a trusted leader in the industry.

Being a brand known for its quality mayonnaise, sought to enhance its digital presence and connect with consumers in a meaningful way. 

Helmann’s team approached to Hola publisher’s team with a request to promote their beloved mayonnaise as more than just a condiment but as a culinary companion through a designed landing page to showcase their product as the star ingredient in a diverse array of dishes, from classic favorites to innovative culinary creations. Each recipe was accompanied by step-by-step instructions, and helpful tips to ensure success in the kitchen.

For this campaign was decided to use a Flip Parallax Videobox format, that is a combination of in-banner video and an interactive Flip Parallax component in one banner, with a noticeable depth effect on the creative.

The video presents an idea for using Hellman’s mayonnaise, alongside the primary message of the advertisement: that your recipe deserves exceptional mayonnaise. Upon clicking the ad, users will be directed to a landing page featuring various recipe showcases.

33x more


6x more


*comparing with previous campaigns

*comparing with previous campaigns

The results of campaign exceeded expectations, delivering exceptional performance across key metrics. The interactive banner achieved an impressive engagement and high CTR, by leaving in a dust an industry benchmarks.

The Heat Maps show that the Un-mute and Replay buttons are the most clicked and interacted areas by users which indicates higher activity on the ad, while cooler areas represent user’s interaction with Flip Parallax component.

In conclusion, by leveraging this Rich Media format, the ad successfully engaged and captivated the target audience, and drove brand awareness.



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